Welcome to Heavenly Hound Hotel

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Welcome to Heavenly Hound Hotel

Thank you so much for taking a look at us!

The Heavenly Hound Hotel, Inc. has 18 indoor/outdoor concrete runs that are 4 ft. x 4 ft. on the inside and 4 ft. x 12 ft. on the outside. All runs are climate controlled with heat and air conditioning. Dogs are comforted further with stereo music that plays 24 hours a day.

We do supply blankets and bowls for all pets, but if you wish to bring something from home, you are certainly welcome to – just as long as it is washable. We find that toys and/or something that has a familiar smell from home helps them to feel a little more at ease.

Dogs are allowed to go in and out at will in their runs as weather permits, otherwise the doors are open and closed periodically throughout the day in case they need a “break”. In addition to their runs, they are also let out into a play yard that is 40 ft. x 70 ft. We only let them out individually unless they are in the same family. The Heavenly Hound Hotel, Inc. guests here only stay for short periods and we want to insure your dog is not harmed in any way.

Our Check-In Time is from 2:00pm to 6:00pm
and Check-Out Time is from 8:00am to 12:00pm.

You can certainly vary from those times; however a half day charge would apply.

We always ask that you make reservations well advance of your arrival as we do tend to fill up pretty far in advance. We do not require any advance deposits, but we do ask that you call us as soon as possible if your plans should change.

Located only five miles from Ocean City, Maryland!

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  1. You have boarded Duney & Oliver for many years. Duney has passed away. I’m coming to the beach on Monday afternoon/evening as I have meetingas in Ocean City on Tuesday & Wednesday. We are having work done at our house in Fenwick Island and I don’t know whether we can stay there. Do you have room for Olive for Monday night & Tuesday night if I need to find a place to board him?

    Thank you.

    Richard Klein

  2. George Stone says:

    We just want to thank you for watching Brady last week. You took care of our late dog Peanut for many years and he always came back so happy. Brady is a home body and doesn’t like being boarded but he came home very happy. He’s a cutie and loves to play so I’m sure you all enjoyed him as well. Again thanks!

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